1 or 2 hour studio sittings available.  Formal or fantasy, casual or chic the choice is yours.  You’ll be able to choose the final print(s) from all images taken and we’ll have a lengthy discussion about how you would like them finishing.  [more info]

Taking a breather

I’m having a bit of a break from photography.

I may be back….I’ll leave this site here just in case

Creative ideas

Whether you want something creative or more formal I can produce an image which will look spectacular hanging on your wall.

Let’s Get Shooting

I am usually at the studio by appointment only Mondays through to Thursdays but am quite flexible on starting times – 11am through to 8pm.

Things I’d need to ask you about before the shoot:-

                  • Where are you going to display the image(s)?
                  • What will you be wearing?
                  • Did you have any particular theme in mind?
                  • How many different “looks” do you want?
                • Do you require a Make-Up Artist?  If you bring a friend with you to the shoot who also requires a sitting we can offer discounts on the makeup artists fee.

About Me

I really enjoy portrait and fashion photography.

Many photographers have influenced me and have obviously rubbed off on me but I feel as though I’m finally developing my own style.

If you like what you see please contact me and lets discuss a studio sitting.


  • Make-Up Artists

    I’ve worked with many fabulous Make-Up Artists (MUA’s) and can usually get one in for our shoot.

    We’ll discuss the best option if you are thinking of booking a session.

  • Bring some friends

    We can offer 10% discount for each friend you bring – so bring your mates and make a day of it

  • Top Quality Printing

    I use DS Colour Labs in Manchester for all my printed orders.  Fast delivery,  excellent quality and great value.  You can order direct with them or I can do it for you.  I do not receive any commission nor do I charge a premium on top of their prices.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift vouchers are available in any denomination for your loved ones

What others say about me

I attended Doug’s workshop “An Introduction to Studio Day.” Having never met him before he immediately made me feel welcome and was an exceptional host throughout the day.

Sometimes you meet creative people who have an ego, who are pretentious, and who are selfishly ambitious and guarded of their knowledge, luckily Doug is the exact opposite of these traits, as he went the extra mile to help us understand his workflow, photographic and lighting techniques. It was a long (and warm and humid) day and he worked damned hard throughout the day to achieve as much as possible of all our time together as a group, making sure we had everything, and also provided drinks and snacks as well!

On a personal note, I probably learned more on this day, than watching 2 months worth of video tutorials online, not just the technical side, but how to work with others in the right manner..working hard, being respectful, but also having a fun, relaxed good time along the way to produce great images

It was a privilege to spend the day with some great, skilled people, ( fellow photographers , models, and MUAs), it was also good to see talented professionals “do their thing” and has been a great inspiration to me who is just starting out in photography to what can be accomplished with great teamwork.

I am really glad I attended, and hope to spend more time with Doug at some point down the line in any future events he puts on.

VisualDamagea student at an Intro to Studio and Portfolio Builder Day I ran

Great Photographer, Great Teacher, Great Personality, you only have to look at Dougie’s portfolio to know how good he is, his attention to detail and lighting skills shine through every image.

I popped over to his studio workshop the other day that he runs in conjunction with MUA Sophie Battersby and found him to be a very knowledgable teacher with a laid back style that allows him to pass on his techniques and style in a very easy to understand way

So if you are a beginner in studio photography or just want to improve your portfolio then get yourself onto his next portfolio building workshop you will not be disappointed.

He will even spend time at the end of the day showing you how he achieves the distinctive look you see in his photographs using various photoshop techniques

If you are a model reading this and want something special for your portfolio then take advantage of his generosity and book him now

Alamodea student at an Intro to Studio and Portfolio Builder Day I ran

I always love going to work with Doug. It was my third trip over this year! I don’t often make a lot of money from these sessions BUT I go for the creativity and imagination allowed here. Always relaxed and fun, resulting in sensational beauty shots. Doug’s got endless contacts and events happening and I’m always keeping my eye out for what he’s got going on, no fuss & no messing about love it can’t wait to go back.


Mischkah Scotta model who worked for me on a workshop